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Memmert among ‘Bavaria’s Best 50’

news4The rapid development of Memmert in recent years, with an above-average growth in turnover and employee numbers, has now also been recognised by politicians. Memmert GmbH + Co. KG was among the award winners at the presentations for ‚Bavaria’s Best 50’ for the 50 independently-owned Bavarian companies.

Claudia Novotny, Memmert stakeholder and granddaughter of company founder Willi Memmert, accepted the award on July 2, 2012 from Bavarian Economics Minister Martin Zeil and the chairman of the auditing company RölfsPartner, Professor Dr. Thomas Edenhofer, in the splendid Kaisersaal of the Munich Residenz. Sabine Arndt from the broadcasting station Sat 1 Bayern presented the evening, which despite the dominating dark suits and an elegant dinner, accompanied by solemn chamber music, turned out not to be such a formal event.

Above all, the interesting stories from the entrepreneurs present provided impressive evidence that independently-owned companies will continue to remain the engine driving economic success in Germany, and in Bavaria in particular. Commitment and the urge to be innovative and make changes are the key here, and therfore many personal life stories were recognised with an award during this evening. Claudia Novotny was particularly impressed by one award winner who had been filtered out from a global concern because he did not have a degree, and who had gone into business on his own with a medical technology company.

In the preparations for the award ceremony, RölfsPartner had identified 1800 medium-sized companies from the statistical data of the Bavarian chambers of commerce, municipalities and associations, whose growth qualified them to take part in the competition, ‘Bavaria’s Best 50’. From 200 applicants, the 50 award winners were eventually selected on objective criteria, such as turnover and employee numbers.

Photo Credit: Siegbert Hauser


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